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Human or Machine: A Behind the Scenes Look at AI and Improv with Improbotics“, by Holly Bartolo for the Phoenix Remix, 25 June 2021.

Master’s thesis:

Master’s thesis in Social and Cultural Anthropology, published in: Ellen Smith (2022) “A posthuman performance: enacting the potentiality of artificial intelligence through relationality on stage“, Faculty of Social Sciences, KU Leuven.

Press coverage:

Piotr Mirowski and Jenny Elfving interviewed by Tina Daheley in “What the AI revolution means for arts” on BBC World Service – The Cultural Frontline, 4 March 2023.

Improbotics covered as a segment of “Who’s Buying the Metaverse?” (19:30 mark) on BBC Click, 5 November 2022.

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Stand-up comedy ‘written by bots’ is still one big joke“, by Tom Williams for ABC News, 3 August 2021.

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Will A Robot Steal My Job?“, by Anne-Marie Tomchak and Animo TV, shown on 13 November 2017 on RTE One.


Groundbreaking Work” according to John Hinton from the Fringe Review. “troupe of highly-skilled improvisers […] superb moments of comedy […] high quality comedy theatre […[…] truly extraordinary feat of software engineering […] this is a piece of work that poses serious philosophical questions”.

4 star **** rating by Binge Fringe, along a “Ballsy Award” and a “Most Innovative Show Award” by the Online Paris Fringe. “All of the performers showed excellent form to carry the show through despite being scattered all over the world. […] The implementation of the AI into these traditional Improv troupe games is genius and the pace of the event doesn’t skip a beat, even in between the monumental technical efforts undertaken to splice each player into a scene. This is exactly the kind of response that the creative world will have to look towards as we continue to learn to live with the current tricky situation regarding lockdowns and restrictions on how readily artists can perform together and in front of live audiences. […] raucuous fun, pure anarchy […] not to be missed”.

5 star ***** rating in “Improv at Camden Fringe – Preview Review”, by The Phoenix Remix, July 2019. “If I was Introduced to a show like this as a kid I would have definitely paid more attention to science class […] it is phenomenal to see just how much it has actually developed as a concept. It is engaging, it is like nothing else out there on the improv scene meaning that it is unique. To me, it has an essence of a Philip K. Dick novel and that is hauntingly beautiful and nerve-racking at the same time. GO SEE THIS SHOW.”

Review by Barbara Kolaric, November 2019. “All in the spirit and with the purpose of good fun, Improbotic’s Rosetta Code is an extremely interesting theatrical experiment involving technology: perhaps even more fascinating for its unusual concept […] being part of the process and observing the creativity taking place in the room was definitely a delight”

“AI Art Online”, by Luba Elliott, December 2018. AI Art Online is a collection of art, music and design created using machine learning, submitted to the NeurIPS Workshop on Machine Learning for Creativity and Design. The online gallery was curated by Luba Elliott.


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