Improbotics Online and the Virtual Director

Improbotics Online is a fully online, live improvised performance in an immersive virtual reality stage where human improvisers interact with artificial intelligence. It relies on the Virtual Director developed by Boyd Branch – a technology which has matured throughout the particular circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic and been deployed for AI improv shows by Improbotics as well as online theatre productions by Loosely Woven Theatre and other improv performances such as TwinProv.

We published our work on “Tele-Immersive Improv: Effects of Immersive Visualisations on Rehearsing and Performing Theatre Online” at SIGCHI 2021. 

Using the Virtual Director technology, Improbotics performed at the Paris Fringe 2020 on 6 and 21 June 2020, winning a Ballsy Award and a **** review by Binge Fringe as well as the Most Innovative Show Award for the Paris Fringe.

We later performed as the opening act of ArtAI Festival on 5 May 2021, with a show followed by a Q&A hosted by Prof. Tracy Harwood.

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